Retail Track

Understand the scope of any business activation inside and outside the point of sale and realize the way how the consumer’s purchasing process is modified and therefore the market share.

It’s one of a kind solution as it allows you; through transactional activity of the major retail stores, to obtain reliably, granularity and timely information of the performance of any category going through all CheckOuts of this important channel. The maximum level of granularity allows you to understand the activity of one specific SKU at each point of sale on specific days, clearing any doubt about the influence of any causal variable. This solution uses CloudTrack ™, an analytic platform that resides in a private cloud accessed via web from any mobile device. It has a powerful package that permits the development of descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analysis.

We know the purchasing patterns and consumer preferences in 8 countries in the region, permiting us to process transactional information of 1,100 retail stores and more than 5 million SKUs.

Key Elements

Total accuracy: census information scanning

Total granularity

Management evaluation at point of sale

Analytic platform with predictive components