Lina Bermúdez

lina bermudez 2-01

Lina Bermudez, general manager for Dichter & Neira Nicaragua. Exceeding 10 years of experience in market research, deeply immersed in Brand strategies development in a wide range of categories, such as: fuels, motor oils, financial sector, mass consumption, retail, and telecommunications, among others. In her career figure roles  such as Business Unit Director in BrandStrat and Project Manager at GFK Colombia.

Her quantitative and qualitative academic background, giver her an holistic consumer and market view. This has allowed her to be a part not only in the design but also in marketing strategies execution, thanks to the assistance served to diverse teams.


Lina has a degree in Engineering, with post graduate studies in consumer’ psychology from Konrad Lorenz University in Colombia, in addition to having management studies in La Sabana University.