About D&N

Our philosophy

At Dichter & Neira, we are passionate about understanding and analytically integrating the relationship of costumers and brands, the shopper decision process, and the dynamics of the point of sale, to join our clients in making better decisions of Marketing, Trade and Sales, by offering a unique perspective on the market.

We recognize that the needs of our clients are different and specific. Therefore, our solutions adapt to each situation and context, with advanced technology to generate accurate, fast and accessible information, which enhance our analytical capacity to support your decisions and drive your business growth.

In our 30 years, we have developed a deep expertise in the areas of Consumer Goods, Retail, Telecommunications, and Financial Services, by joining the most successful companies in each sector with our team of 1,500 professionals.

From our 13 offices, distributed in Latin America, we serve more than 350 companies and we develop each year more than 1,700 research aimed to understand the willingness of the costumer to your brand, driving the variables involved in the purchasing process, and enhance the impact of your activities at the point of sale.

The organizational culture of Dichter & Neira is based on our values, as outlines below, which are central in our recruiting, evaluation and remuneration of our team; which makes this company a highly rewarding place in which to work.

Our values 


(English meaning “Challenge”)


We constantly challenge ourselves and seek to

exceed the expectations of our customers.


(English meaning “Innovation”)

We encourage creativity and promote change,

seeking to become more efficient in order to create value for our customers,

employees and our company.


(English meaning “Commitment”)

We act with a sense of urgency and we keep our word.


(English meaning “Honesty”)

We are honest, upright and transparent at all times.


(English meaning “Team Work”)

We encourage effective communication,

open dialogue and active collaboration, inspiring a sense of unity.

We lead by setting an example.


(English meaning “Excellence “)

We set high standards proactively seeking permanently to improve them.

We put passion into everything we do.

We promote and value self-development.


(English meaning “Respect”)

We value our work. We respect people, their time and our processes..